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"We have the ones youre looking for!"

Welcome to Spring Fever Daylilies 2015!

Enjoy viewing our beautiful daylilies!See the navigation guide on the left.We have the ones you're looking for !

Hardy daylilies ! Northern grown daylilies ! Montana daylilies ! Beautiful flowers !

This year, we have added 24 new daylily varieties from which you"ll find your favorites. These include beautiful colors, smaller and larger blooms, doubles and spider forms.

Trahlyta brings esthetics which appeal to the artistic gardener, shown in grayed violet with dark purple eye. Very fragrant flowers are 6 1/2 inches in Early to Mid-season, blooming at 30 inch height, and then rebloom for even more pleasant viewing. F.Childs registered this beauty in 1982.

Registered by Elliott in 1993, Impetuosity shows up with its 6 1/2 inch rosy cardinal-red bloom with deep red eye. At 25 inches tall in Late season, it reblooms and is very fragrant.

Shuffle the Deck describes the graceful, dancing 52 inch height of this daylily with 9 inch blooms in Mid-season and then reblooms. This dark royal red-purple bloom with lavender cream edge has white midribs above a pretty green throat. 2003 is the year E.Shooter registered this wonderful variety.

Daylilies are easy-to-grow perennial plants, and very rewarding, with blooms of all sizes and colors. You'll find there are some to bloom in any part of the growing season.

Here in the Rocky Mountains of western Montana, Zone 4 / Zone 5, our on-going goal is to grow and develop for you hardy daylily varieties.

Daylilies are the perfect perennials for your yard, garden, or perennial bed. You'll find a place for daylilies in your landscape situation, naturalizing or gift-giving.

Our gardens are about 2 hours south of Glacier Park. We often have a week of 100 degree weather in summer, and winter can sometimes get down to 0 degrees. Our normal frost-free growing season is 90 days.

Bare root, two-fan plants are freshly dug for shipment to you,
May 1 through first week of September.

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Shuffle the DeckShuffle the Deck

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